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Elevation Training Mask 2.0: Save 50% (with FREE shipping)

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4 great reasons to buy from us


Below is a general guide based on body weight. The sizing is about 99% accurate. 

  • SMALL - 100 to 149 lbs
  • MEDIUM - 150 to 250 lbs
  • LARGE - 250 to 300 lbs


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The Secret Of Elite Athletes Is Finally Revealed!

Elevation Training Masks are used by Olympic level athletes, top MMA pro fighters, boxers and runners. As featured in Movies, National TV campaigns and even Superbowl.

Based on millions of dollars worth of research and clinical testing

Training Mask is back with a revolutionary new design that was built to help you transform your body into a more efficient machine! By simulating training in a high altitude, your body is forced to maximize your cardiovascular system... thus giving you an edge in the ring!

5 ways that Elevation Training Mask can benefit you

  1. Increased in Power Output at Ventilatory Threshold
  2. Increased in Peak Power Output (Watts)
  3. Increased in Power Output at Respiratory Threshold
  4. Increased in Ventilatory Threshold
  5. Increased in Respiratory Compensation Threshold

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