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'Dare to Fight' Tigron MMA Fight Shorts

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4 great reasons to buy from us

Built for the rugged MMA warrior

This pair of high performance shorts are designed for a wide range of combat scenarios and has 2 in-line stitching that can withstand a large amount of force during a sparring session. 

Cutting-Edge Fight Technology

Made with ultra-light weight fabrics that are highly stretchable, this pair of 'Dare To Fight' Tigron MMA fight shorts allows you maximum range of motion for your strikes and movements...while still delivering unrivalled comfort and style. Perfect for MMA, Circuit Training, at the gym or just a casual day out 

  • Multiple Flex Panels for excellent mobility
  • New Split seams Technology for superior flexibility
  • Improved Velcro closure strap system
  • Waistband with interlocking drawstring and Gel panel and gel panel for best fitting

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